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Funny e-cards

5 Oct

After so many serious website recommendations, here is something “light”.  E-cards. Everyone knows and uses them. BUT: please, stop sending boring electronic cards. Especially if they are mainstream and not funny or original at all. Try something new today: Old fashioned pictures combined with funny text! Some of them are really original and cool.

Free courses and lectures on iTunes

12 Sep

I already shared 2 of my favourite sites, Lecture fox and Learnerstv  where you can watch and download a massive amount of free lectures and courses. If you are hungry for more, here is your remedy: Go to iTunes U , the special iTunes site for information junkies and those who never had the opportunity to attend Harvard, Yale, MIT or Berkeley. Enjoy the best and most respected professor’s lectures on video or audio. The boring days are over, let’s start to do something with your life! It’s free and you can listen to the podcasts in (almost) every situation on your iPhone or iPod.

Thousands of documentary movies for free

8 Sep

There are many excellent documentary movies on the Internet, you know those kind which are not advertised in the mainstream media, but it’s essential to know about. I have 2-3 sites i would like to introduce to you, where you can find hundreds of movies in one place. The first one is:  Currently it has about 1700 movies, log in and start to educate yourself about many topics. Enjoy!

Download magazines and newspapers for free in PDF

31 Aug

Today i share with you some websites where you can download magazines and newspapers in PDF format. I’m a newspaper and magazine junkie, so i post 6 of my best recommendations. No matter what you are interested in, you can find hundreds of papers. So, my favourites are listed here, i’m sure you can find something cool or useful also for you! (free download, magazines) (free download, magazines) (German language, registration required for download) (free, magazines only) (mostly free content, some premium. Only magazines.) (free download, only in English) (only newspapers, some magazines)

Momondo reloaded! Search for the best hotels.

24 Aug

Yes, my recommended website for flight ticket search was Momondo, about a month ago. Now they are back with a new idea! Hotel search. They still offer the same good service and platform for your hotel search. Click at and start to save money right now! Easy to use, clean layout and always the best prices. Simple as that! Enjoy and have a look.

Video and audio downloader and converter (Youtube and more!)

19 Aug

O.K, so you found a nice video on the web (Youtube, Dailymotion, Vimeo etc.) and want to download it as a mp3, video file or you would like to put it on your iPod. And you try to find a good solution, but it’s hard. There are hundreds of sites offering solution, but they usually suck. So, here i’m and i spare you the stress. Use simply this site, and you have everything in one place: Register, and you get extra benefits!



Music Music Music

16 Aug

All right, after so much serious topic i have today something light: MUSIC. But not a simple site! At you can pick your favourite genre (could be more), and voila, there is a endless stream of videos created just for you, like a playlist. Start with any video, you can jump afterwards back and forth. Try and enjoy!

Inside Trip, unique flight comparison website

14 Aug

Yes, another flight comparison website…but WAIT, this one is different! makes the usual comparison and something more: this website analyses also the quality of your trip, so looks also to: number of stops, on time performance, legroom, aircraft type, travel duration and more. If you are flying within the USA, it shows also the gate location, security waiting times etc. So this website is a intelligent search engine for people looking something else and unique than the rest of the other similar websites. Have a look and try!

Luggage Limits, check your baggage allowance!

9 Aug

Sometimes it’s not clear how much luggage you can take on board the aircraft or to check in. With this website you can check and see immediately:  Very handy also in case you plan a trip to somewhere to check which airline is giving you more luggage allowance. Try it today!

Learners TV, the video lectures site

7 Aug

As my latest website recommendation was quite popular, i decided to share with you another site, which is focusing on video lectures. At you can see hundreds of videos from prestigious university lectures. It’s updated regularly, so return back time to time to discover new things and learn more about your favourite topic.

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