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Inside Trip, unique flight comparison website

14 Aug

Yes, another flight comparison website…but WAIT, this one is different! http://insidetrip.com/ makes the usual comparison and something more: this website analyses also the quality of your trip, so looks also to: number of stops, on time performance, legroom, aircraft type, travel duration and more. If you are flying within the USA, it shows also the gate location, security waiting times etc. So this website is a intelligent search engine for people looking something else and unique than the rest of the other similar websites. Have a look and try!

Protect your privacy

22 Jul

…….while you are doing your search on the web. Big search engines on the Internet are storing your information, location and other private data while you search. And they using, selling them also. Use https://duckduckgo.com/ to avoid this. Gives the same results as the others, just without sniffling your private information. Because that’s why it’s called PRIVATE.

Yapta magic

13 Jul

Sorry for the delay with my latest post, i was busy with other things. To make it up, i share with you a very special site, which can help you beside to find a cheap airline ticket, this website also tracks the price of your desired airline ticket and notifies you when it drops. AAAAND, in a case you purchased your ticket, and just realised that the price dropped, you can get a refund also. So go immediately to http://www.yapta.com/ and start browsing. It’s FREE!

Search on the web and save the rainforest!

21 Jun

How this are related to each other? Here you can find the answer:

Ecosia: The green search from in60seconds on Vimeo.

Ecosia is an eco-friendly search engine. It donates at least 80% of its search revenue to the WWF for its work in the Amazon rainforest – meaning Ecosia users can help save a piece of the rainforest with every search!

Check it out: http://www.ecosia.org

Hello world!

20 Jun

This blog is gonna be a collection of my interesting bookmarks. Here you can find almost daily posts about some of the best websites of the web, no matter what you are interested in! This is the place you can find all the nicest, most useful, most interesting, educating, entertaining websites the internet can offer. No more searching endlessly for some information on the internet just to find the most suitable website for your needs. All recommendations are hand picked and tried. So happy browsing folks!

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