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Download magazines and newspapers for free in PDF

31 Aug

Today i share with you some websites where you can download magazines and newspapers in PDF format. I’m a newspaper and magazine junkie, so i post 6 of my best recommendations. No matter what you are interested in, you can find hundreds of papers. So, my favourites are listed here, i’m sure you can find something cool or useful also for you!

http://worldmags.net/ (free download, magazines)

http://www.magazinedown.com/ (free download, magazines)

http://board.yourwire.net/forumdisplay.php?f=142 (German language, registration required for download)

http://magazinesdownload.com/ (free, magazines only)

http://storemags.com/ (mostly free content, some premium. Only magazines.)

http://downmagaz.com/ (free download, only in English)

http://hotnpapers.com/ (only newspapers, some magazines)

Online lectures

26 Jul

http://lecturefox.com/ gives you the best online resource of different lectures on many subjects. The lectures are in many formats, like podcasts, PDF files and other. If you enjoy to learn new subjects or missed some classes in the university, here is the opportunity. Great site for information junkies also!

Save any webpage to a single pdf file

23 Jun

Today i share with you a very simple but powerful website: this little helper¬†http://html-pdf-online.com/¬†makes sure that your website gonna be transformed to a single, easy to handle PDF file. Convenient to read it later or mail it to someone else. Have a look, it’s worth it!

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