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Yapta magic

13 Jul

Sorry for the delay with my latest post, i was busy with other things. To make it up, i share with you a very special site, which can help you beside to find a cheap airline ticket, this website also tracks the price of your desired airline ticket and notifies you when it drops. AAAAND, in a case you purchased your ticket, and just realised that the price dropped, you can get a refund also. So go immediately to http://www.yapta.com/ and start browsing. It’s FREE!

Around the world!

9 Jul

Another day, another cool website. Always dreamed to travel around the world? Do you like to browse through many options, routes, combinations? At http://www.roundtheworldflights.com/ you can do all of these. All in one website for the biggest selection of RTW tickets. Good prices, many options and flexible itineraries. Everything you need, in one handy website. Dive in!

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