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Momondo reloaded! Search for the best hotels.

24 Aug

Yes, my recommended website for flight ticket search was Momondo, about a month ago. Now they are back with a new idea! Hotel search. They still offer the same good service and platform for your hotel search. Click at http://momondohotels.com/Find_Hotels.aspx and start to save money right now! Easy to use, clean layout and always the best prices. Simple as that! Enjoy and have a look.

Inside Trip, unique flight comparison website

14 Aug

Yes, another flight comparison website…but WAIT, this one is different! http://insidetrip.com/ makes the usual comparison and something more: this website analyses also the quality of your trip, so looks also to: number of stops, on time performance, legroom, aircraft type, travel duration and more. If you are flying within the USA, it shows also the gate location, security waiting times etc. So this website is a intelligent search engine for people looking something else and unique than the rest of the other similar websites. Have a look and try!

Yapta magic

13 Jul

Sorry for the delay with my latest post, i was busy with other things. To make it up, i share with you a very special site, which can help you beside to find a cheap airline ticket, this website also tracks the price of your desired airline ticket and notifies you when it drops. AAAAND, in a case you purchased your ticket, and just realised that the price dropped, you can get a refund also. So go immediately to http://www.yapta.com/ and start browsing. It’s FREE!

Around the world!

9 Jul

Another day, another cool website. Always dreamed to travel around the world? Do you like to browse through many options, routes, combinations? At http://www.roundtheworldflights.com/ you can do all of these. All in one website for the biggest selection of RTW tickets. Good prices, many options and flexible itineraries. Everything you need, in one handy website. Dive in!

Books? Anyone?

27 Jun

I know, if you wanna buy books, you go to Amazon and that’s it. But this blog is also about alternatives, “second” choices and sometimes about webpages which are similarly good as the major players on the Internet. So, let me introduce this excellent online web shop, the  http://www.bookdepository.co.uk/ Big selection, FREE WORLDWIDE DELIVERY and good prices also. Ebook’s are also available there!

Find the cheapest airline ticket!

20 Jun

My favourite flight comparison site is http://www.momondo.com/ Very clean design, straightforward handling, supports 13 various languages. The site scans 800 different sites for the best available airfare. European low fare airlines are also included in the search, like Easyjet, Germanwings, Air Berlin or Ryanair. Always the lowest fares, guaranteed.Which one is your favourite?

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