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Inside Trip, unique flight comparison website

14 Aug

Yes, another flight comparison website…but WAIT, this one is different! http://insidetrip.com/ makes the usual comparison and something more: this website analyses also the quality of your trip, so looks also to: number of stops, on time performance, legroom, aircraft type, travel duration and more. If you are flying within the USA, it shows also the gate location, security waiting times etc. So this website is a intelligent search engine for people looking something else and unique than the rest of the other similar websites. Have a look and try!

Luggage Limits, check your baggage allowance!

9 Aug

Sometimes it’s not clear how much luggage you can take on board the aircraft or to check in. With this website you can check and see immediately: http://www.luggagelimits.com/  Very handy also in case you plan a trip to somewhere to check which airline is giving you more luggage allowance. Try it today!

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