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Protect your privacy

22 Jul

…….while you are doing your search on the web. Big search engines on the Internet are storing your information, location and other private data while you search. And they using, selling them also. Use https://duckduckgo.com/ to avoid this. Gives the same results as the others, just without sniffling your private information. Because that’s why it’s called PRIVATE.

Mining Nerds

26 Jun

There are many investing opportunities and websites on the Internet, and i’m gonna post some of the best here also in the future. My first choice in this field is this simple but useful  http://www.miningnerds.com/ because i usually invest in various mining companies around the world. This website is always a great resource of information for me, since long time ago. No fancy design elements, but very useful site. Any kind of investor gonna found some information here, no doubt.

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