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Free courses and lectures on iTunes

12 Sep

I already shared 2 of my favourite sites, Lecture fox and Learnerstv  where you can watch and download a massive amount of free lectures and courses. If you are hungry for more, here is your remedy: Go to iTunes U , the special iTunes site for information junkies and those who never had the opportunity to attend Harvard, Yale, MIT or Berkeley. Enjoy the best and most respected professor’s lectures on video or audio. The boring days are over, let’s start to do something with your life! It’s free and you can listen to the podcasts in (almost) every situation on your iPhone or iPod.

Thousands of documentary movies for free

8 Sep

There are many excellent documentary movies on the Internet, you know those kind which are not advertised in the mainstream media, but it’s essential to know about. I have 2-3 sites i would like to introduce to you, where you can find hundreds of movies in one place. The first one is: http://documentaryheaven.com/  Currently it has about 1700 movies, log in and start to educate yourself about many topics. Enjoy!

Learners TV, the video lectures site

7 Aug

As my latest website recommendation was quite popular, i decided to share with you another site, which is focusing on video lectures. At http://www.learnerstv.com/ you can see hundreds of videos from prestigious university lectures. It’s updated regularly, so return back time to time to discover new things and learn more about your favourite topic.

Online lectures

26 Jul

http://lecturefox.com/ gives you the best online resource of different lectures on many subjects. The lectures are in many formats, like podcasts, PDF files and other. If you enjoy to learn new subjects or missed some classes in the university, here is the opportunity. Great site for information junkies also!

Nutrition comparison

20 Jul

Always wondered how many calories and other nutrition value your food contains? At http://www.twofoods.com/ you can compare any kind of food item, and choose the healthiest or the one you wanna eat no matter what 🙂

Yapta magic

13 Jul

Sorry for the delay with my latest post, i was busy with other things. To make it up, i share with you a very special site, which can help you beside to find a cheap airline ticket, this website also tracks the price of your desired airline ticket and notifies you when it drops. AAAAND, in a case you purchased your ticket, and just realised that the price dropped, you can get a refund also. So go immediately to http://www.yapta.com/ and start browsing. It’s FREE!

Around the world!

9 Jul

Another day, another cool website. Always dreamed to travel around the world? Do you like to browse through many options, routes, combinations? At http://www.roundtheworldflights.com/ you can do all of these. All in one website for the biggest selection of RTW tickets. Good prices, many options and flexible itineraries. Everything you need, in one handy website. Dive in!

Send fax for free

3 Jul

You don’t have a fax machine at home but you need to send a fax? It happens all the time. With http://faxzero.com/ the problem is solved immediately. FREE fax within the USA! International faxing is also available, for about 2-3 USD up to 15 pages. Many times tried, 100% reliable or your money back. Email conformation after the fax is sent. When there was an error during the process and the fax couldn’t delivered, you get your money back.

Books? Anyone?

27 Jun

I know, if you wanna buy books, you go to Amazon and that’s it. But this blog is also about alternatives, “second” choices and sometimes about webpages which are similarly good as the major players on the Internet. So, let me introduce this excellent online web shop, the  http://www.bookdepository.co.uk/ Big selection, FREE WORLDWIDE DELIVERY and good prices also. Ebook’s are also available there!

Free online music

25 Jun

Probably one of the best FREE online music streaming service available in Europe. http://grooveshark.com/ has all the music you want to listen to. It has a nice and polished interface and it’s loaded with many options to customise it, as you like. Which one is your favourite?


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