Online lectures

26 Jul gives you the best online resource of different lectures on many subjects. The lectures are in many formats, like podcasts, PDF files and other. If you enjoy to learn new subjects or missed some classes in the university, here is the opportunity. Great site for information junkies also!


Protect your privacy

22 Jul

…….while you are doing your search on the web. Big search engines on the Internet are storing your information, location and other private data while you search. And they using, selling them also. Use to avoid this. Gives the same results as the others, just without sniffling your private information. Because that’s why it’s called PRIVATE.

Nutrition comparison

20 Jul

Always wondered how many calories and other nutrition value your food contains? At you can compare any kind of food item, and choose the healthiest or the one you wanna eat no matter what 🙂

About coins

18 Jul

Could be a boring topic, but nowadays every investor should have some gold or silver coins in their portfolio. helps you to get the basic knowledge and also to choose the right ones for you. Good source of information about american, canadian and australian collectible coins also. Have a look!

Yapta magic

13 Jul

Sorry for the delay with my latest post, i was busy with other things. To make it up, i share with you a very special site, which can help you beside to find a cheap airline ticket, this website also tracks the price of your desired airline ticket and notifies you when it drops. AAAAND, in a case you purchased your ticket, and just realised that the price dropped, you can get a refund also. So go immediately to and start browsing. It’s FREE!

Around the world!

9 Jul

Another day, another cool website. Always dreamed to travel around the world? Do you like to browse through many options, routes, combinations? At you can do all of these. All in one website for the biggest selection of RTW tickets. Good prices, many options and flexible itineraries. Everything you need, in one handy website. Dive in!


7 Jul

There are hundreds of websites on the Internet which are dedicated to show beautiful photos. Just wanna mention one particular site today, If you know similar ones, please put your own favourite in the comment box.

Visual stock screener

4 Jul

One pictures tells you more than thousands words. This could be right, and if you are investing in stocks, futures or forex, helps you to get the picture. Literally. Very useful site to have a quick look at the market, but if you want to dig in, you can do that too! One of my favourites, it helps me to save some time.

Send fax for free

3 Jul

You don’t have a fax machine at home but you need to send a fax? It happens all the time. With the problem is solved immediately. FREE fax within the USA! International faxing is also available, for about 2-3 USD up to 15 pages. Many times tried, 100% reliable or your money back. Email conformation after the fax is sent. When there was an error during the process and the fax couldn’t delivered, you get your money back.

The best way to share and publish your files

2 Jul

Again, a little help from the web. Share your files (any kind) with your friends with Straightforward, easy, quick. The most important: it’s free 🙂

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